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I am Andrew Darst, subject matter expert on:


Human Trafficking

Risk Assesment



Medical Mission Security


Risk Assesment

Threat Actor Analysis

Organized Crime

  • ColombiaBogota, Medellin
  • USAMinneapolis, Dallas, Seattle
  • HaitiPort-au-Prince, Cap Haitian, Jacmel

About Andrew Darst

Andrew is one of a kind. With a vast background in security, intelligence, and disaster relief, Andrew offers multifaceted expertise in counter-terrorism, counter-human trafficking, counter-terrorism, criminal investigations, EMS, and more. Leveraging years of experience, including leading a red-team startup, Andrew's strategic approach has been key in solving complex security challenges across both domestic and international landscapes.


Disaster Security

Human Trafficking


"...we turn potential weaknesses into strengths; adaptability isn't just our reaction, it's our strategy." Andrew Darst

What I Do

Security Consultation

Utilizing a blend of technological acumen and real-world experience, I provide tailored security consultation to fortify systems, mitigate vulnerabilities, and enhance organizational resilience.


With expertise in criminal investigations, counter-terrorism, and more, I conduct thorough and discreet inquiries to uncover facts, ascertain motives, and pave the way for just and effective resolutions.

Risk Analysys

Through comprehensive risk analysis, I dissect complex scenarios, evaluating potential threats and human behavior to develop proactive strategies that ensure stability, compliance, and long-term success.


Notable Work

  • Terrorism SpecialistContractAs a Counter-Terrorism Consultant, Andrew worked in close cooperation with law enforcement, providing vital information, analysis, and services on various subjects, including National Special Security Events (NSSE) and critical infrastructure protection.

  • Security DirectorMobile Clinic Group During his time with a mobile clinic group operating in Haiti, Andrew was responsible for the safety and security of medical staff, patients, and local partners, utilizing threat forecasting and intelligence to navigate changing circumstances and provide essential services to underserved populations..

  • Founder and CEOFoxPoint SecurityAs President of FoxPoint Security, Andrew built and managed an offensive security startup specializing in penetration testing, assessments, and consultations, focusing on strengthening clients' physical and digital security through staff management, client relationships, and visionary leadership.

  • Emergencty ServicesMunicipal AgencyIn a demanding role as a Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician, Andrew exhibited exceptional skills and resilience by managing a diverse array of medical and fire emergencies, earning accolades as a top responder and exemplifying a mastery of adaptability and tenacity in critical situations.

  • InvestigationsCollateral Recovery FirmWith experience in collateral recovery, Andrew performed critical tasks such as skip tracing, fraud investigation, negotiation, and logistics of resources, skillfully locating and repossessing assets while maintaining the delicate balance of customer service.

  • Corporate SecurityEnterprise HealthcareWithin the complex and varied roles of a corporate security team for an enterprise healthcare provider, Andrew was instrumental in safeguarding people, property, corporate, and PHI information. His adept handling of a multitude of challenges, ranging from de-escalation for patients in crisis to crime prevention, theft, facility emergencies, and mitigation of organization-wide disruptions in patient care, underscores his expertise and commitment to excellence.


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